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Frequently Asked Questions


Is ok to use it while working on the computer?
Yes, the matter of fact if you slouching in front of your laptop or computer desk we highly suggest you to use our posture corrector to improve your posture and reduce back pain.

What’s the return policy?
We will give you a full refund for any issue you have with our product in the first 15 days. You can always contact us without hesitation even after 15 days trial and we will do our best to fix and make it up to you. 

Just in case I will leave our customer support email address here "contact@morfindustries.com"  .Feel free to contact us for any reason you need regarding our products. Our team will answer all of your question.

Can this be worn hidden under clothes?
Yes, it can be hidden under clothes. 
You can use any variations of sweaters, t shirts, sweatshirts and jackets on top of it and it will be totally hidden under it.
How many hours can I wear per day?
You can wear it whole day. We have customers who are working by standing for 8-12 hours a day and using our Morf Posture Corrector to help with back pain, slouching and reduce pressure while working. It is all up to you. But it is not that necessary.  For best results wear your Morf brace for 30-40 minutes per day for the first week. Then add 20 minutes more every day as you get used to it. Your posture support brace may initially feel awkward - don’t worry, this is completely normal and means it’s working correctly by pulling your shoulders back.

I am 180 lbs and 5'6, will it be small for me?
No, it's adjustable. It'll definitely fit.

Can you put this corrector and adjust it by yourself?
Yes, you can. 
Just in case we put instruction card how to use and adjust Morf Posture Corrector in each order.  But if you still have any question feel free to contact us at "contact@morfindustries.com"

Is it okay to sleep with it?
We don't recommend to sleep with it. 
And you don't need to use it while you are sleeping. 
Your daily wearing schedule will totally be enough to help and maintain your good posture.

How long i should use it before my posture became perfect?
It all depends on everybody's physic. But usually, it takes about 15-30 days to see great results. 
It will take around 2-3 months to have a perfect posture without wearing Morf Posture Corrector. 
But still, if you are 20 years old or older you will have to wear it sometimes because your spine deformed. 
İt works the same as teeth braces. When you finish wearing them and your smile is perfect, you still need to wear it at night in order your teeth not come back in old formation. 
Hope this answer helped you. 
If you have any other question, please contact our customer service email "contact@morfindustries.com"

Is it okay to wear it in sports?
Yes, it is. 
Matter of facts this posture corrector even helps to maintain a proper workout at the gym on some muscles such as back and triceps. 
For example to standing straight when you working out on your back muscles. 
We have customers who use it while playing golf, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

Does this fit a 230lbs, 6'4 big size guy?
Yes. Just chose our Large Size Morf Posture Corrector.
We are working hard to make different sizes and even different colors as well. 
If you have any other questions, don't hesitate and reach out our customer service via "contact@morfindustries.com"